Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dot-to-dot and matching quiet book page

The dot-to-dot is another copy of Creating Sarah's quiet book ideas. It uses magnets sewn into the fabric. My magnets are larger than the ones Sarah used and work for my 2-year old. I plan on making a couple more dot-to-dots when I have time.

The page on the left is my idea. I just took some scrap fleece (most of the colors are just strips from some rainbow fleece I had) and cut out rectangles. The "towels" are attached with velcro.

Fix my hair Quiet book page

I honestly can't remember where I saw this idea, but I will update to give credit when I find it in my notes.
This page is musin backed in denim. The left side has 3 ribbons sewn into the page at the top and bottom and then down the middle. The hair bows were from my stash that my sister gave to me (she made them) when my niece outgrew them. I used fabric markers to draw on the face. The hair is made of yarn. I cut long lengths of yarn (I didn't measure how long) to go from the bottom of the page around the head shape to the bottom of the other side of the page. I then sewed them down at the top of the head. Next I sewed the yarn hair down at each side of the top of the head to keep the hair off of her eyes. I trimmed her hair last to make it even on the bottom.

My kids love this page and spend a lot of time putting all of the hair bows in her hair.

Marble Maze quiet book page

I have been following Sarah's quiet book ideas from Creating Sarah and gradually making my own based off her her ideas. This is my knock off of her marble maze. I used muslin for the inside and denim for the backing. The drawing and writing are done in fabric markers that I bought at Walmart. You can ignore the blue pencil lines (I drew in 2" lines to base my maze on with washable fabric pencil -I just haven't washed it out yet). The 2" mazes are a little large for the marbles, but work for my 2-year old.