Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cloth diapering: The beginning

I knew I wanted to cloth diaper long before I was even pregnant. I researched and prepared.

I started with the Chloe Toes diaper pattern and made the newborn size pocket diapers. The diapers I made leaked as there was not a snug fit from the leg elastic. Pee and poo just came out the leg openings.

Next, I tried the poo pocket pattern. The diapers were easy and quick to sew. I made these out of bamboo velour and hemp jersey or hemp fleece. This set turned out great as is highly absorbent. These were too big for my newborn, so I needed the smaller size. I made the smaller size out of cotton flannel. I did not like these as well as they were not as absorbent and leaked. I ended up having to double these with a prefold diaper to increase the absorbency for my newborn. The bamboo/hemp versions are highly absorbent and I do not have leaking problems.

I also bought a set of prefold diapers. I wanted to have these on hand.

I regularly use the prefolds and my bamboo/hemp poo pockets.

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