Sunday, November 20, 2011

Coat for my little tractor lover

My 2 year old saw this John Deer fabric and told me he was taking it home. I decided he could take home 1 yard and I would make something for him out of it. I asked him if he wanted a blanket or a coat and he said a coat.
I used Kwik Sew pattern 2994. I used brown corduroy that I had actually cut into pants for me but never made. I just cut the jacket pieces out. I used the tractor fabric for the lining and put scrap fleece in between the two layers for warmth. I made the jacket reversible so my little guy could decide which way he wanted to wear the coat.

I put buttons on both sides (lining side and corduroy side) so that the coat could button from either side. I hand sewed the buttons on leaving some ease to turn them into shank-type buttons.

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