Thursday, November 3, 2011

Snow White

Here is a Snow White costume that I made for my 2 month old. She has dark hair and looked perfect as Snow White.

I started with Jalie pattern 3133 for the top. I cut off the bottom part of the onsie pattern and shaped it in a V. My favorite part is the sleeves. Most Snow White Costumes use ribbons or glue on a tear-drop shape for the red part of the sleeves. I personally don't like they way that looks. So, I created what I thought the original would have really looked like in the sleeve. I used the puff sleeve from the Jalie pattern, but cut it into 4 equal pieces. I added seam allowances to each piece, and then sewed in a 1 1/2 inch strip of red fabric between each piece. Then I matched up the blue parts together at the top and bottom and basted them closed. When the sleeve was finished, the red parts peek through.I made a matching bow and shoes. The bow pattern came from Butterick 3673 and the shoes came from Simplicity 2278.
The entire project was completed using t-shirts so that it would be soft and comfortable for my baby to wear.

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