Saturday, November 6, 2010

Underwear out of t-shirts and knit scraps

I bought the children's underwear pattern from I am usually hesitant to buy .pdf patterns as I have had bad luck in the past with some. I have to say that I love this pattern. If you use knit scraps and recycled t-shirts, the underwear costs less than 50 cents a pair to make or free if you the supplies on hand. So far I have completed one boys' pair in size 2 and one girls' pair in size 2. The instructions were great and I love that the pattern does not use elastic for the binding (it uses a knit fabric with some lycra in it for extra stretchiness plus resilience). The only tricky part was that an exact measurement was not included for the opening on the boys' pattern and I was not sure how far to stretch the binding as I pinned it on. It turned out okay after pressing and it will likely go more smoothly as I make more.


  1. Awesome idea!

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